June 15, 2023

Experience Transformation with PRO-Craft’s TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Elevate your dental practice with our innovative 3-step TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-up process. This powerful communication tool bridges the gap between patients, dentists, and the laboratory, ensuring...

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Greg and Dylan Schubert talk about dental crown fit
June 08, 2023

Mastering Dental Crown Impressions: Tips for a Better Dental Crown Fit

Hello there, dear dentist friends! Dylan here from PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory. How well are your crowns fitting your patients? Finding a national dental lab partner that can create dental...

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Best Intraoral Scanner for 2023
June 01, 2023

The Best Intraoral Scanner for 2023

Digital impression scanners have been one of the last decade’s most important advancements in dentistry. With an oral scanning device, you don’t have to put your patients through the ordeal of taking...

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PRO-Craft dental lab team looking at a dental product
May 24, 2023

How do you handle dental remakes?

Dentists are well aware that dealing with dental remakes can be both time-consuming and costly. At PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory, we understand this challenge and have established a robust quality...

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Dental lab technician working on a dental restoration
May 10, 2023

Do you offshore your dental laboratory work?

Do you know where your dental laboratory work is being done? This is an important question that often gets overlooked. There's a growing trend to offshore dental laboratory work. But what does that...

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Dentist holding up mirror for a young woman to look at her teeth
April 26, 2023

Guide to Materials & Strengths of Zirconia Dental Restorations

Zirconia has revolutionized the dental industry with its versatility and robustness. It is renowned for its strength, making it a material of choice for dental restorations. Moreover, zirconia is...

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Dental Impression Materials and Trays | Pro-Craft
April 12, 2023

Guide to Dental Impression Materials and Trays

At PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory we've worked with a variety of dental impression materials over the past 40 years we have been in business. Based on our experience, there are a few brands we recommend...

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