What is Micro CT Scanning in Dentistry?

January 03, 2024

Micro Ct Scanner in Digital Dentistry
Dylan Schubert | Blog Author at Pro-Craft

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Dylan Schubert

With the development of technology like micro CT scanning, dentistry continues to make technological advancements in the industry. 

Micro-CT scanning in dentistry is crucial to intelligent manufacturing at PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory, as it converts physical dental impressions, such as PVS (polyvinyl siloxane) or elastomeric impressions, into high-resolution digital files. Micro-CT scanning allows dental professionals to convert physical impressions into digital files rapidly. The digital files obtained through a micro CT scanner serve as the basis for restoration production. This overall process shifts from traditional, error-prone methods involving plaster models to a more precise and efficient digital workflow.

So, how can you use micro CT scanning in your practice? Keep reading on to find out.

The Uses of Micro CT Scanning in Dentistry

Micro CT scanning in dentistry has lots of applications beyond traditional diagnostic imaging. Whether it’s easing the process of making dental implants or measuring enamel thickness, micro CT scanning is a fantastic technology for dental professionals everywhere. 

A few ways you may use Micro CT scanning in dentistry include:

1. Root Canal Treatment

Micro CT scanning's ability to produce high-resolution 3D images is vital in understanding the complex morphology of root canals. It is especially handy when working on root canals that are tortuous or C-shaped. The micro CT scanning service provides detailed surface area and volume information for root canal preparation, making it easier to accurately use root canal instruments enhancing the success of root canal procedures. 

2. Craniofacial Skeletal Development

A micro CT scanning machine allows for valuable analysis of the trabecular bone, providing insights into craniofacial skeletal development. It helps assess various bone structure, density, and connectivity parameters, contributing to a better understanding of craniofacial shape and abnormal growth.

3. Biomechanics-Finite Element Modeling (FEM)

This technology also plays a role in biomechanics by facilitating Finite Element Modeling of teeth and bones. Micro CT scanning services enable the sectioning of dental structures based on measurements like pixel-grey level values or mineral density. The information from these scans aids in understanding the stress and strain distribution during procedures like cavity preparation and tooth restoration.

4. Tissue Engineering

Micro CT supports tissue engineering by allowing the study of various stages involved in creating bio-artificial organs. Using micro CT scanning in dentistry with these procedures aids in the non-destructive examination of engineered tissues, contributing to advancements in regenerative medicine.

5. Creating Dental Implants

Another way micro CT is helpful is to create dental implants. The micro CT scan machine provides quick, high-resolution images assessing the connection between living bone and implanted material. It provides clear visibility of bone growth over the implant surface, determining the osseointegration and overall success of the implant.

6. Measuring Tooth and Enamel Thickness

One of the final uses of micro CT scanning in dentistry is non-destructive enamel thickness measurements with high-resolution and durable images. These images make understanding various stages of human evolution easier without resorting to destructive analysis methods. Additionally, Micro CT accurately measures the width of inner tooth structures, including dentin and the pulp chamber.

The Benefits of Using a Micro CT Scanning Machine

With all the different applications of micro CT scanning in dentistry, it’s no wonder this technology is becoming more popular. Along with understanding its uses, it’s also essential to know how micro-CT scanning benefits everyone, from dentists to patients. 

Here are some benefits of incorporating micro CT scanning technology from PRO-Craft into your dental practice:

Better Precision and Fit

Using a micro-CT scanning service ensures restorations with a precision that surpasses what was previously achievable. It contributes to creating well-defined study models in the digital realm for a more accurate fit of dental restorations, like dental crowns.

Reduces Errors

This technology alleviates issues with error-prone plaster models and any variability introduced by human factors. Incorporating the micro CT scanning service into manufacturing minimizes any possible mistakes made between the impression-taking phase and the delivery of restorations.

Promotes Non-Destructive Imaging for Research and Treatment 

Utilizing micro-CT scanning in dentistry creates non-destructive images, allowing for multiple viewings of the same image. This feature is valuable for biological and mechanical dental research and treatment testing. 

Produces Ultra-High Resolution on a Minute Scale 

Micro-CT scanning produces finer images with ultra-high resolution on a minute scale than a traditional CT scan. It's excellent for visualizing structures in the dental context,  as it captures details from the outer to innermost structures of teeth and surrounding tissues. This benefit of a micro CT scanning machine enables dentists to work with sharper, more detailed digital study models for more convenience and efficiency in designing and producing. 

Hands-Free Process

Another benefit many might not have considered is how micro-CT scanning reduces the number of dental professionals physically handling the images. This mostly hands-free process minimizes exposure to potentially pathogenic physical impressions or study models. It also improves the preservation of the image for dental restorations, meaning less wear and tear affects the impression's accuracy.

The Future of Micro CT in Dentistry

The development of Micro CT scanning has revolutionized the dental industry in many ways. By providing detailed and non-destructive imaging that enhances diagnostics, treatment planning, and research in fields ranging from root canal treatment to craniofacial skeletal development, micro CT scanning in dentistry is a crucial technological advancement

As technology becomes more user-friendly, micro CT scanning machines may become more accessible to a broader range of dental professionals, leading to their integration into routine dental practices. Micro CT in dentistry is promising for advancing precision, efficiency, and outcomes across dental procedures and research endeavors.

Micro CT Scanning and PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory

When it comes to your patients, the dental lab you work with to create their dental restorations is vital to patient satisfaction. At PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory, we prioritize quality by using world-class ceramics and innovative technology to produce our dental restorations. Say goodbye to inconsistency, as we consistently deliver reliable and top-tier restorative solutions. 

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