Experience Transformation with PRO-Craft’s TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Ups

June 15, 2023

Greg Schubert | Blog Author at Pro-Craft

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Greg Schubert


Elevate your dental practice with our innovative 3-step TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-up process. This powerful communication tool bridges the gap between patients, dentists, and the laboratory, ensuring streamlined procedures and satisfied smiles.

Introducing the TRIAD: The Catalyst for Change

The TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Up is not just a technique but a revolution in cosmetic dentistry. By fostering synergy among the three critical components - the patient, the dentist, and the technician - TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Ups create an enhanced dental experience that exceeds the sum of its parts.

Why TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Ups?

Here’s what makes TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Ups an indispensable asset for your practice:

1. Eliminate Guesswork and Enhance Communication

This wax-up process provides patients with a sneak peek into the final restorations before they are crafted. It removes ambiguity and ensures that patients, dentists, and technicians are on the same page regarding the expected outcomes.

2. Invaluable Chairside Tools

PRO-Craft includes a clear outer custom tray and a thin adaptive inner layer that accurately captures interproximal and tooth details in the TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Up. This inner layer can also be used as a preparation guide for proper tooth reduction.

3. Personalized Temporaries

Fabricate chairside temporaries effortlessly using our FREE temporary matrix included with the TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Up. Offer patients a ‘test-drive’ of their restorations, saving time and reducing uncertainty.

4. Increased Patient Satisfaction and Case Acceptance

With a clear understanding of the expected results, patients are more likely to be satisfied and accept the proposed treatment plan.

5. Storage and Accessibility

At your behest, PRO-Craft can securely store the digital design file for the TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Up, ensuring accessibility for future CAD/CAM restorations.

Material Options for Unparalleled Precision

Whether your preference is ALL Z Solid Zirconia, All Z Plus Translucent Zirconia, e.Max, or PRO Z Zirconia Crowns, PRO-Craft can impeccably replicate the contours of your TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Up using advanced CAD/CAM processing.

Let Your Patients Witness the Difference

Integrate TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Ups into your practice and experience predictable, consistent results. Engage your patients in their dental journey and achieve greater satisfaction levels through transparent communication and advanced tools.

Request a TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Up Starter Kit from PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory and embark on a path of transformation in cosmetic dentistry.

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