Difference Between Standard (Economy) vs Premium Dentures

January 11, 2023

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Dylan Schubert

Dentures are a minimally invasive and cost-effective way to provide a patient with either full or partial dental restoration. Still, it is easy to take the wrong path when searching for a quality option. When deciding between traditional vs. premium dentures, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each before committing.

After all, the right dentures can completely change a patient’s quality of life, so it is crucial to make an informed and careful decision. Choosing the right denture will ensure long-term patient comfort and confidence in their smile, so understanding the full benefits of each option will help you in your decision.

What Are Economy Dentures?

Economy dentures—also known as standard or traditional dentures—are the most basic level of dentures. Traditional dentures use suction and support from the soft tissue to remain in place, and they can be made from a range of materials, like porcelain or acrylic. These dentures provide a cost-effective restoration for patients needing to replace several teeth.

Economy dentures are the most affordable option for patients needing dentures at a lower price point, but they do not use the most advanced materials. As a result, they do not provide the most remarkable esthetics or durability. Still, they are a go-to option for many due to their affordability and ease of access.

What Are Premium Dentures?

Premium dentures, as the name indicates, provide a higher quality denture through a more in-depth production process with better quality materials. Since they are crafted with better materials, like high-quality Lucitone acrylic, they feature both realistic-looking teeth and naturally-looking gum tissue.

Even better, premium dentures are highly functional, allowing patients to bite and chew without concern for the integrity of their dentures. Depending on the production quality of premium dentures, they feature a high level of potential to the point that they can be indistinguishable from regular teeth.  

Economy Dentures vs. Premium Dentures

As with anything, both economy dentures and premium dentures have their benefits. Ultimately, in the debate between standard dentures vs. premium dentures, your final decision will depend on what you and your patient value most. Comparing the two types of dentures in the following areas will make it easier to make an informed decision.


When comparing the appearance of premium dentures vs. economy dentures, premium dentures excel in almost every area. Although standard dentures have come a long way compared to dentures from the past, they still are not as esthetic as premium dentures. 

Economy dentures are passable as real teeth upon a brief glance, but with a closer observation or added attention, their imperfections are quite noticeable. Typically, the part of the denture that replaces the gingival tissue is the easiest to recognize as unrealistic. 

In many cases, premium dentures have the same visual appeal as normal teeth. Premium dentures are created using a more advanced process to ensure that they are custom-made to fit the patient’s mouth and that they look realistic when they do. Especially when choosing dentures that follow careful production methods, both the teeth and the gingival tissue look completely realistic. As a result, nobody will be able to tell them apart from real teeth in standard interactions.


No matter what type of dentures one chooses, it will take some time for patients to adjust to the new dentures and obtain full functionality. Still, once you have adjusted, premium dentures will provide the better option for chewing. Premium dentures often provide a higher resistance to flexural fatigue, which makes them more comfortable and stronger when eating.

Premium dentures are also longer lasting. Standard dentures generally need to be replaced every five years, while premium dentures may be able to last anywhere between five to 15 years.


As the title implies, economy dentures are much more affordable than premium dentures. Premium dentures can be two to three times more expensive than traditional economy dentures. However, for many, the higher premium denture cost is more than worth it since they provide better esthetics and functionality.

Plus, if you value time as much as money, it is important to consider also that economy dentures often require consistent follow-up dental visits to ensure a proper fit. By spending higher on premium dentures from the start, the patient can enjoy dentures that fit straight from the lab, thanks to more advanced fabrication procedures.

What To Look for In Premium Dentures

Although premium dentures often stack up better than economy dentures in several key areas, their quality can depend largely on the lab where they are produced. Even if dentures are considered premium dentures, you cannot assume that they are the highest quality without digging deeper into their production process. As a result, it is important to consider a few key questions before deciding on premium dentures:

  • Are the dentures resistant to flexural fatigue?
  • Do the dentures provide a custom fit to meet individualized patient needs?
  • What methods are carried out to ensure the appearance of real teeth?
  • Are the dentures crafted using quality materials?

At PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory, we strive to check all of the boxes to create functional and visually appealing dentures custom-made for each patient. Our goal for complete patient satisfaction is why all of our premium dentures are handcrafted and hand characterized by experts. We never use printing machines and never outsource our materials so that we can guarantee high-quality, long-lasting dentures.

All of our dentures start with tissue models and high-pressure processing that creates the perfect fit by eliminating errors and porosity. We then outfit the dentures with Vita teeth, with the option for other premium teeth. Each set of dentures is also carefully crafted to ensure superior tissue coloration while offering 16 available tooth shades. We will even include custom staining and gingival blanching if requested, which will take the appearance the extra mile and set our dentures apart from just any premium denture.

Not only are our dentures more esthetically appealing, but our premium dentures also feature remarkable resistance to flexural fatigue, providing them with total functionality. Made from Lucitone 199 acrylic, one of the most trusted acrylics in dentistry, our dentures are built to last.

Find Premium Dentures from PRO-Craft

The type of denture that you choose can have a significant difference in its quality, but once the decision is made, it is crucial that you choose a laboratory that will provide you with a high-quality product that ensures patient satisfaction. For realistic, comfortable, and completely functional premium dentures, you can turn to PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory. 

At PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory, we value the satisfaction of the dentists and patients we serve above all else, which is why we never compromise quality in our products. To learn more about your options for premium dentures, contact PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory. We will happily walk you through the in-depth process that makes our dentures different. See the difference for yourself by exploring our removable products.

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