The Fundamentals of Dental Lab Excellence

May 31, 2022

PRO-Craft dental lab technician working on a dental restoration
Greg Schubert | Blog Author at Pro-Craft

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Greg Schubert

How you can get consistent results on every dental lab case you send? By working with a national dental lab that follows the 10 fundamental of dental lab excellence. Is your dental lab following these processes?


Video Transcript

Hey there. Are you happy with the consistency that you're getting from your dental laboratory work? According to the ADA, one of the number one reasons that people leave the laboratory is because of inconsistent quality. We're gonna talk a little bit about that now and how PRO-Craft might be able to help you.

Everybody hates inconsistent lab work. It causes more chair time, more money, inconvenience to the patient and you and your staff. At PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory, many years ago we developed what we call the Fundamentals of Excellence. It's something we came up with to help with the inconsistency problems that you experience in your dental practice.

We're gonna take you through each one of those steps so you can see why what we do is different than what any other laboratory in the business does.

Dental Lab Quality Assurance Checklist

The first thing you're gonna see when you receive your first case from PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory, when you open up that box, there's gonna be a QC card in there. That QC card is gonna be signed by our QC technician, and there's gonna be check marks covering 10 different items like contacts, occlusion, shade and fit to make sure that those things have been adequately checked in QC before you even see the case.

Dedicated Account Team Led by a Master Dental Lab Technician

When you send work to PRO-Craft, you're sending it to a small team of people. These people have been in the business for many years and are master technicians. Now, you're also gonna talk to the same person every time when you get on the phone. If you have case planning or technical issues, you don't have to wait through a phone tree to get to who you wanna talk to. This is not a big box mega lab experience here. Everything is streamlined and it's customized just for your practice.

Your Custom Digital Setting Stored For Your Dental Practice & CAD/CAM Digital Imaging To Insure Consistency and Save Chair Time

At PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory, everything we do here is done with CAD/CAM and digital imaging. What that means for you is all of our settings are predetermined and are kept in your personal digital library. Let's say that your contacts are too heavy. You call us up, we change your digital settings. We can adjust it, store it in your digital file, and you'll get that new contact setting with every case you do after that. That's how you guarantee your consistency at PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory.

Dental Restorations Created under Microscope

All workstations here at PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory have a 10 power microscope. We've been doing this for probably the last 25 years. We feel that the investment of the money was well worth it. But the reason why other labs like the big box labs don't do it is because it requires more expertise, more attention to detail, because everything's done under that microscope. For example, when we trim your dies, we can see under the microscope where your bur marks stop and the smooth tooth structure begins. So we know exactly where to trim your margin. That's just another way that we guarantee consistency at PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory.

Uncut Solid Model for Accuracy and Precise Fit

All of our model work here is done with an unsectioned model and a separate die. We invented and we utilize what we call the digi-deck system. We mount all of our models that are uncut onto that digi-deck and articulate it with the digi-deck, and we use a separate die. What that means is there's no moving parts. There's no moving die or sections that can come out or cause inaccuracies in your occlusion or your contact. We feel this is one of the most important aspects of how we do business. You can't remove the teeth in the mouth when you're working with the patient, so we don't on our models, either.

Hand Polish and Pumice Dental Restorations Before and after Glazing

All the crowns that we do here are mechanically polished and pumiced. What we do is before we glaze the crown, we mechanically polish all of that ceramic surface. Then we glaze it, and when we take it out after glazing, we mechanically polish that again a second time to mimic all the surface texture of the surrounding teeth. Another advantage for you is that surface texture won't wear the opposing teeth. Therefore you get the best of both worlds. You do not abrade the opposing dentition and it copies and mimics the natural surface texture and striations of a natural tooth.

Access a Dental Lab Using the Most Advanced Ceramic Materials and Techniques 

We utilize our Micro Layer Technology. It's a patented system that we've developed at PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory that allows us to be able to layer the crown in such a way that it mimics natural tooth structure. The mamelons and the translucency look like natural teeth. So when you have a crown made by PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory, it looks like a tooth and not a crown.

Two Step Dental Lab QC process on die stone measurements

When we do model and die work here at PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory, everything is weighed on a computer digital scale. What that means is the container of stone is put on a scale and the computer automatically dispenses the liquid to get you the perfect rate of expansion on every pour that we make. That guarantees your consistency, and we'll know that the model will represent what's in the patient's mouth. When we get a bag of die stone from our vendor, first thing we do is we put it through a test. We have a device that we put the stone into to measure the expansion rate. That way we guarantee you get the consistent results and we're not just relying on the vendor to provide it to us. So when you send us a case, and we do the model and die work, that consistency of expansion is guaranteed on every single pour.

Use of Alloy Examination Dies on Your Dental Lab Restorations

We utilize metal examination dies every month here at PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory. What that means for you is that whenever we do a PFM or an E-MAX, for example, that needs invested, we check our investment and the fit of that investment by testing it onto a metal examination die to make sure the fit is perfect each and every time.

PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory Promise to You

So I ask you, how's the consistency of your dental laboratory? Well, here's my invitation to you. Give us a call, do some case planning, and we'll send you out a free starter kit and show you personally how we can guarantee the consistency of your restorations.


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