Mastering Dental Crown Impressions: Tips for a Better Dental Crown Fit

June 08, 2023

Greg and Dylan Schubert talk about dental crown fit
Dylan Schubert | Blog Author at Pro-Craft

Written by:
Dylan Schubert

Hello there, dear dentist friends! Dylan here from PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory. How well are your crowns fitting your patients? Finding a national dental lab partner that can create dental restorations to fit without adjustments or remakes is crucial to a successful dental practice. What's better than happy patients and smooth workflows? 

We're here to share some tips on how to make your dental impressions spot-on!


The Four Commandments for Impeccable Impressions

These are the things you absolutely must consider regarding impression materials.

Number One: Keep It Fresh!

Check your expiration dates and not just numbers! Make sure you're using current material. Your crowns and patients will thank you!

Number Two: Timing is Everything

Make sure you're not mixing up your impression materials too early. Let’s not let them activate and start setting up before you need them. Be the master of timing!

Number Three: Stay Loyal to Your Brand

Mixing and matching are great for cocktails, but not for impression materials. Stick with the same vendor and follow their instructions to a T. Your materials will work in perfect harmony.

Number Four: The Magic of Packing Cord

Pack your packing cord well, and you will create a work of art. Under our 10x power microscope, we can see the smooth area of the tooth structure. We just trim down to where your burr marks stop. Clean, crisp margins every single time.

Join Hands with PRO-Craft: Crafting Smiles Together for Over Four Decades

Friends, we at PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory are passionate craftsmen and artists in creating life-changing experiences for your patients. We've been handcrafting excellence for the last 43 years, and we aren’t stopping! We would be thrilled to be part of your journey. Give us a call at 877-4-THE-LAB (484-3522) or contact us online so we can create personalized solutions that are right for your dental practice. 


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