Reduce Occlusal Adjustments: The Exact Occlusal Bite Technique

April 29, 2017

Greg Schubert | Blog Author at Pro-Craft

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Greg Schubert

Reduce Occlusal Adjustments With The Exact Occlusal Bite Technique

Apr 29, 2017

(For cases with no distal stop)

We see many different bite techniques here at Pro-Craft. We have seen what works and what doesn’t. The Ex-act Occlusal Bite Technique ™ is an effective and fast way to provide an accurate bite when we are fabricating a bridge or multiple single units that have no distal stop. We call this a free-end case. After preparing the teeth it is often difficult in this scenario for the patient to find correct occlusion as they bite into a bite material or hold their teeth in position while an injectable bite material cures. This often causes an inaccurate occlusal bite registration and the occlusion will be either to high or to low when the restoration is seated. If your bite is off a little, you could be adjusting your occlusion a lot.

The following step-by-step technique will help eliminate time consuming occlusal adjustments:

Step 1 - Using a silicone material you are familiar with, make a mold to use in fabricating your temporaries from the natural teeth in the mouth.

Step 2 - Using Pro-Temp or an equivalent inject the mold with material and place over the preps in the mouth for temporary fabrication and allow to cure.

Step 3 - Before seating the temporary use the mold to make an additional temporary for only the prep in the most distal position.

Step 4 - After curing, trim this additional temp so it does not interfere with the margin of the prep or the tissue.

Step 5 - Place the temp on the last abutment and adjust any occlusal interference.

Step 6 - Include this “Exact Occlusal Temp” with instructions on your Rx to use it in setting the occlusion with your impression and traditional bite to PRO-Craft to fabricate your restoration.

Step 7 - Seat the original temporary in the patient's mouth.

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