40 Years of Quality & Commitment: The PRO-Craft Story

March 31, 2022

40 Years of Quality & Commitment: The PRO-Craft Story
Dylan Schubert | Blog Author at Pro-Craft

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Dylan Schubert

40 Years of Quality & Commitment: The PRO-Craft Story

InTRUview visits PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory in Murrieta, CA to interview the team about their secret to becoming a leading industry standard for over 40 years.

About PRO-Craft


For over 40 years, PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory has been a leading industry staple for high quality cosmetic and digital restorative needs. We partner with dental practices to help them build a strong, profitable, and esthetic dentistry business. From planning to completion, our team helps streamline the restorative process and eliminate inconsistencies. Our commitment to your success starts with the highest level of personalized service and the 10 Fundamentals of Excellence.


10 Fundamentals of Excellence


1.    Quality Assurance Checklist

2.    Small, Dedicated Account Team Led by a Master Technician

3.    Your Custom Digital Setting Stored For Your Practice

4.    Restorations Created under Microscope

5.    Uncut Solid Model for Accuracy and Precise Fit

6.    Hand Polish and Pumice before and after glazing

7.    Use The Most Advanced Ceramic Materials and Techniques

8.    Two Step QC process on die stone measurements

9.    Use of Alloy Examination Dies

10.  CAD/CAM Digital Imaging To Insure Consistency and Save Chair Time


For more detailed information about the 10 Fundamentals of Excellence, visit our article below.


At PRO-Craft, extraordinary service is our trademark. It’s not always just about business but changing lives and creating long-lasting relationships. PRO-Craft’s goal has always been to work differently, to give more than expected for less than expected. Other big box labs offer cookie cutter generic restorations, but at PRO-Craft each crown is designed with its own personality for the perfect fit. The procedures, technology, and materials we utilize to fabricate your restorations are the best in the world. Some of our recommended materials include:


  • Tray: PRO-Craft recommends the Quad Tray system from Clinicians Choice. Many of our clients use it. It is comfortable for the patient and will not rebound.
  • Impression Material: In our experience, we have found that the materials with the most consistency and lowest remake factor are Aquasil from Dentsply and Impergum from 3M. We believe they have the most consistent quality control.
  • To help solve concerns with esthetics and strength we recommend these three Zirconia products.
  • All-Z: We control the tinting and color. We have a propriety system we use so that you receive a product that is translucent and natural looking.
  • All-Z Plus Multi-Layered Zirconia: Esthetics are built into one third of your anteriors. Plus, all the incisal action with mamelons and translucent edges.
  • Pro-Z: We use our micro-layer technology here with the added benefits of giving you the longest span for strength and the best esthetics.


To learn more about PRO-Craft and how we can help meet your daily business needs and expectations, visit us here: https://www.pro-craft.com/


For the latest trending industry new, guides, and tips please feel free to visit us at https://www.pro-craft.com/news


About TRU-Abutement


TruAbutment Inc is one of the world's most advanced CAD/CAM medical manufacturers for dental implant-related products. TruAbutment fabricates custom abutments that provide function, comfort, and high-quality esthetics all at a competitive price point. All TruAbutment products are produced with its unique and proprietary engineering techniques. To learn more about TruAbutement visit them directly at https://truabutment.com/  


InTRUview Video Series


InTRUview is a series that showcases the stories of dental professionals across the country. In this episode, InTRUview’s Jeff Kraff interviews the PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory team. We share how our family owned and operated business began, how we embrace technology so we can focus on the artistry of restorations, and the secret to becoming an industry staple.




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