How to Improve Results on Full Mouth Dental Restoration Cases

August 04, 2022

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Joyce Esguerra Nagy | Blog Author at Pro-Craft

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Joyce Esguerra Nagy

Full mouth reconstruction, also known as full mouth restoration, involves a comprehensive treatment plan to rehabilitate the structure, function, health and aesthetics of teeth and gums. With the combination of restorative dentists performing procedures like implants, crowns, teeth whitening, veneers, and more. This process can involve dental specialists like periodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists.

To deliver healthy, beautiful smiles your patients can be proud of, consider these following tips on how to improve full mouth dental restoration cases.  

Portrait of a happy senior woman on the phone

Talk Timeline

A full mouth reconstruction can involve phased treatment plans which can span months to a year. Phased treatment can provide your patient with recovery periods, but it can also present scheduling and payment issues. To avoid any surprises down the road (e.g., a patient leaving the country, losing insurance, etc) it’s best to work out a specific timeline for treatment ahead of time.

Address Potential Concerns

Generally, the older a patient is, the greater the risk is with any medical or dental procedure. This is also true of patients with heart issues, autoimmune diseases, or any other special consideration required prior to a full mouth restoration. Addressing these potential concerns during the initial consultation will help map a treatment plan that fares better for that individual. In addition, address patients who smoke or drink and help them to understand how that will compromise the results of a full mouth restoration.

Evaluation & Finding the Correct Bite

A full mouth restoration process will always begin with a comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s current dental health, medical history, and treatment goals. The next step is an examination and diagnostic imaging of the patient’s mouth. During this process it’s critical to take an accurate impression and to find the correct bite. Ensure that your patient's facial midline and dental midline coincide and determine the cant and horizontal incisal edge position of the central incisors with this bite stick technique. Finding the optimal bite will serve as a foundation for any full mouth reconstruction. In our experience at PRO-Craft, to get the least number of remakes and adjustments with your impressions, we recommend the following materials:

  • Impression Material: Impregum & Aquasil
  • Tray System: Quad Tray Xtreme from Clinicians Choice

Working with the Right Lab

Once the evaluation process is complete, full mouth restoration will typically begin with eliminating decay and disease first. Once an improved and healthy foundation is established, final restorations can be custom designed to create long lasting results which are functional, durable, while also looking natural. The dental laboratory you work with will play a crucial role in providing the high-quality restorations you need for your patient. Your dental laboratory should be willing to work with you to create each restoration to your specifications and send it back with minimal to no adjustments needed. Having consistent results for your cases should always start with working with a dental laboratory that follows the 10 fundamentals of excellence. 

Materials used to design restorations and prosthetics will typically be dictated by your practice. For optimal esthetics, we recommend tooth-colored ceramics or Zirconia. In PRO-Craft’s experience, these three Zirconia products can achieve both optimal strength and esthetics. 

  1. All Z Monolithic Zirconia 
    1. PRO-Craft controls the tinting and color. We have a proprietary system that we use to bring that color into the crown so that you end up with a product that's much more translucent and natural looking.
  2. All Z Plus
    1. This is multi-layered material. You will get the aesthetics built into the incisor one-third of your anteriors. You're going to get all the incisal action with mammalians and translucent edges that you need and desire.
  3. PRO Z
    1. This is a fully layered system. We use our microair technology that has the best aesthetics and you get the best strength at the same time.


In other areas, specifically in the posterior part of the mouth where teeth endure substantial force, it may require the use of metal or porcelain fused to metal. At PRO-Craft our technicians are trained in the PK Thomas tripodization technique. We use various percentages of gold content from type II to type IV (from semi-precious, to high nobel) and our traditional quality and precision is built into every restoration we fabricate. 


A full mouth restoration can address all your patients’ functional and aesthetic concerns by correcting missing teeth, spacing or crowding issues, decayed teeth, failing dental restorations, gum disease, malocclusion, bruxism and more. Once these issues are remedied, a patient’s oral health and smile significantly improve. With Proper preparation, attention to detail, and working with the right dental lab you can ensure great long-lasting results on your full mouth dental restoration cases.

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