How do you handle dental remakes?

June 01, 2022

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Greg Schubert | Blog Author at Pro-Craft

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Greg Schubert

No dentist wants to deal with remakes. At PRO-Craft we have a quality control process in place that will help you reduce your remake factor.


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At PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory we strive to help you better your remake percentage. We have technical support on staff here during our normal business hours to help our dentists stay under that 5 percent factor.

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In addition to our technical support staff, we also have resources you can reference to help reduce remakes and adjustments.

Recommended Dental Impression Materials and Trays

There are many different treatments and prosthetics that require a dental impression. One way to create an accurate dental impression is to utilize the correct materials and trays. To help you select the materials and trays best fit for your dental practice, we’ve created this simple overview.

How to Avoid Common Impression Errors

An accurate impression is the foundation to creating successful bridges, crowns, or dentures. Yet there are multiple factors that can affect accuracy. These are some solutions to the most common dental impression errors.

How to Take the Perfect Dental Impression

There are multiple factors that can affect the accuracy of an impression. Many can be corrected through trial and error.  Your dental laboratory can help you eliminate these issues before they happen.  Work closely with your dental lab during case planning to ensure the best fit and results for your patient. To help increase your chances of getting a great dental impression the first time, check out these tips.



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