What is your standard turnaround time for a dental lab case?

June 01, 2022

Dental lab technician working on a dental restoration
Dylan Schubert | Blog Author at Pro-Craft

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Dylan Schubert

Are you looking to get your lab work back faster from your full-service dental lab? Everyone wants a dental lab that can deliver restorations quickly. In this video below, we are answering one of our most frequently asked questions. What is your standard turnaround time for a dental lab case?

Video Transcript

We know turnaround time is very important for your dental office. At PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory we provide a seven-day turnaround for a conventional case. We provide a five-day turnaround for a digital scan, and a three-day turnaround for a denture. We also provide same-day turnaround for repairs for our local dentists.

Additional Resources

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Shade Management: Shade choices can either make or break a case, especially when matching a single tooth in the anterior region. For a shade guide and more information on 

The Fundamentals of Dental Lab Excellence: How you can get consistent results on every dental lab case you send? By working with a national dental lab that follows the 10 fundamental of dental lab excellence. Is your dental lab following these processes?



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