Why work with PRO-Craft instead of another dental lab for less?

May 31, 2022

PRO-Craft dental lab technician working on a dental restoration
Greg Schubert | Blog Author at Pro-Craft

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Greg Schubert

Why should I send my dental lab work to PRO-Craft when I can get it for less from another lab? We answer that question in the video below. We also share one of the 10 fundamental processes that separate an excellent lab from a mediocre lab.


Video Transcript 

Hey you know I had an interesting question asked of me last week from a potential customer. He asked me why would I send work to PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory when I can get it done cheaper across town?

So, I pondered that question for a second. I thought well, probably the number one reason is because we make teeth, we don't make crowns. There's a lot of reasons, a lot of things that go into that. Maybe the number one I could think of is the fundamentals of excellence. One of those 10 things is we mechanically polish and pumice the occlusal surface and the labial surface of all of our crowns.

Now what does that mean for you? That means you're getting a restoration that looks like a tooth rather than a restoration that looks like a crown. Now that, coupled with the other nine things that we do regarding the fundamentals of excellence is why you should send a PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory instead of the big box mega lab across town. If you're interested in finding out more about the fundamentals of excellence just check the link below.

Fundamentals of Excellence


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