Quad-Tray Xtreme for Dental Impressions

July 29, 2017

Nicole Donnelly | Blog Author at Pro-Craft

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Nicole Donnelly

Quad-Tray Xtreme for Dental Impressions

Jul 29, 2017


Consistently Accurate Impressions  -  The QUAD-Tray Xtreme is dentistry’s best selling metal dual-arch, disposable impression tray. Thanks to many clinically significant features, it has been improving impression accuracy for dentists worldwide for decades.


Quad Tray Extreme Clinician's Choice

The Problem with Plastic Dental Impression Trays

If your impression is poor, your crown or bridge will fit poorly too. Most plastic trays are inadequately designed, incorporating features that make impression distortion common. For instance, due to their elastic nature, plastic dual- arch trays flex easily. What’s more, when a patient closes into the impression material, the plastic tray deforms and, upon removal of the impression, the tray’s elastic memory works against the impression material, again, often resulting in a distorted impression.

The QUAD-TRAY Xtreme is made from rigid aluminum so it will not distort when placed intraorally or upon removal. Considering the costs and time involved with taking an impression, seating it, then repeating the process because of a poor fit (add in additional lab fees, too), it makes sense to use the only tray designed and proven to consistently prevent distortion, and create predictability accurate , dual –arch impressions – the QUAD-TRAY Xtreme.



Rigid aluminum construction is memory-free and did soft. It simply will not flex or rebound.

Wide customization arch

The wide arch design prevents burn through of the teeth, a common problem with most plastic trays which the tray's arch width can be adjusted to suit virtually any patient's arch size.

Low sidewalls/Thin distal bar

This design feature prevents palatal impingement and axial role of the tray wall, common cause of distortion.

Short lingual wall

Without limiting the number of teeth you can impress (up to four), the QUAD-TRAY Xtreme features a short lingual wall to prevent impingement on the lingual of the patient's anterior teeth, particularly in smaller mouths.

Clinical Technique

With tissue management and hemostatic achieved, the perforation is cleaned with Detail (Pre-Impression Cleansing Gel) to remove any residue debris and hemostatic agent ensuring complete polymerization of the Affinity InFlex VPS tray material and Affinity Light Body VPS material.

The Affinity Light Body impression material is placed after the Re-Cord #00 cord has been carefully removed, making sure to keep the tip submerged.

The Quad-Tray Xtreme is placed immediately upon completing the syringing and of the light body, and the patient is asked to passively close. If no segmental bite registration has been taken prior to the impression, the patient may need to be guided in the position.

While holding the tray by the sides, the impression is gently removed from the patient's mouth. Never torque the handle of the tray to prevent bending of the aluminum body.

The final impression showing excellent capture of the margins as well showing that the light body was not overly displaced by the hydraulics of the InFlex. This ensures a more accurate die and a better fit of the final restoration.

Final photograph showing the bonded ceramic restoration which needed virtually no adjusting inter-proximally and occlusally post cementation.

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