Take Esthetics To The Next Level

June 06, 2017

Nicole Donnelly | Blog Author at Pro-Craft

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Nicole Donnelly

Take Esthetics To The Next Level

Jun 06, 2017

Why Did You Choose The Field Of Dentistry?

Are You Satisfied With Your Results?

As a valued client of PRO-Craft Dental Lab we want to share with you an opportunity to expand your practice and move it closer towards your dreams and goals.

We are looking for a few clients to participate in a FREE practice-building course on marketing that we have arranged with Dr. David Cutts. Dr. Cutts has some interesting things to share on how to build your practice. It will be given via FaceTime for a select few of PRO-Crafts top customers.

Dr. Cutts is one of a handful of dentists with extensive training and experience in complete mouth reconstruction which combines highly advanced cosmetic, denture, and surgical/implant skills. Dr. Cutts has performed over 6000 anesthesia and sedation cases over the past 30 years with a perfect record. He is widely regarded as the leader in this field and has a three million dollar practice in Temecula California.

In this course you will learn about how to be less dependent upon insurance companies and how to build your practice with new fee-for-service patients. Dr. Cutts has had great success using these methods and we believe you can too. Space is limited, so if this sounds interesting, please let Scott know ASAP. scott@pro-craft.com. The date and time will be announced at a later time. Thanks again for choosing PRO-Craft, we appreciate your patronage.



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Improve Communication

A Communication Tool To Answer Diagnosing
And Fabricating More Esthetic Porcelain Restorations
1st Generation Communication Now Available At PRO-Craft

The LADDER is a reference guide created for dentist-to-ceramist communication of tooth features. THE LADDER is a pictorial display of meticulously and painstakingly crafted digital images on laminated archival photographic paper, allowing for multiple reproductions of identical references. These images are categorized, color-coded by category, and encoded for reference.

Reproducing features of tooth characterization are made simple --- without the need for expensive technology, time consuming schematics, or loss or productive time for the dentist and ceramist. THE LADDER standardizes features of tooth characterization in a comprehensive and user-friendly format so that restorations can be accurately fabricated for the satisfaction of all patients, essentially eliminating the need for esthetic re-makes. It is a must for esthetic practice.

Creating life-like restorations is both challenging and rewarding because there is more to tooth appearance than shade. Diagnosing these features could be difficult before THE LADDER; communicating these features was involved before THE LADDER; and fabricating esthetic restorations was frustrating before THE LADDER.

“The Ladder Digital Reference is an outstanding communication tool. We relish the information that it provides! The pictures included give a level of accuracy not achieved with the typical hand drawn schematic of a tooth. The communication is more intricate and helps you, your patient and your laboratory technician deliver a more accurate tooth match. We strongly recommend Ladder to all of our clients.”
- Scott Schubert - PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory


PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory and TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-ups  – the catalyst for change.

TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Ups are the most routinely prescribed technique used before cosmetically enhancing a patients smile. A Triad has three major components, patient, dentist, and technician. Synergy is created when all three parts, working together in harmony, create something greater than they could as individuals. This is the philosophy behind TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Ups. TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Ups can help eliminate the guesswork from the final restorations and are widely used in treatment presentations to increase patient case acceptance and satisfaction. At your option, temporaries can be fabricated chairside using our FREE enclosed matrix of the wax-up. PRO-Craft will make the matrix from a material of your choice. 

Let the patient test drive their restorations and save you time, and money.

PRO-Craft will include with your TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Up, a Prep Matrix, or Temp Matrix upon request at no additional charge. 

Show them the difference with TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Ups and enjoy consistent predictable results. 

  • Office or Laboratory fabrication of temps from the wax-up
  • Consistent, predictable, predetermined results
  • Excellent patient selling tool
  • Enhanced practice development
  • Decrease remakes and adjustments and increase productivity
  • Improve communication with your laboratory
  • For treatment presentations

Just $29.00 Per Unit



Restorative Dentistry Solutions for Patients Missing Single and Multiple Teeth
straumann in association with PRO-Craft Dental Lab

Thursday, June 29, 2017
This program will provide an overview of the appropriate indications and prosthetic applications for dental implant treatment. A range of restorative options will be presented, from fully edentulous cases to single or multiple-tooth implant classes. Topics that will be discussed include treatment planning for esthetic success and restoration process with corresponding prosthetic component options. test


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