Are you paying too much for your implant restorations?

November 04, 2017

Nicole Donnelly | Blog Author at Pro-Craft

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Nicole Donnelly

Are you paying too much for your implant restorations?

Nov 04, 2017

We find the best deal on only FDA approved parts and pass the savings on to you. Do you wish you had more control over the price of your implant parts? With PRO-Craft you have choices and that can make a big difference to your bottom line.

We have made it a tradition to save you money at every opportunity. By combining the best client service with the best technology the business has to offer we fill a nitch for those who need both in their practice. Nobody does it like PRO-Craft!

What’s in it for you?

  • We offer Genuine Manufacture parts upon request. Just let us know and we will be glad to provide only original manufacture parts for your restorations. We pass the cost of shipping and handling on to you, we don’t mark the parts up for profit.
  • We Support all major implant manufactures with only FDA approved parts made only in the USA . No offshore substandard materials.
  • We gold anodizes all your implant parts FREE for maximum esthetics. No grey alloy will show through at the gingival or your all ceramic restorations.
  • We fabricate all of your implant cases on a solid uncut cast poured from your impression. There is no chance of movement from removable model parts. We seat your implants the way you will in the mouth.
  • We check your implant part location in the impression under microscope prior to pouring the stone for exact placement.
  • We only fabricate zirconia abutments with metal interfaces so when you torque it down you are torquing metal to metal. No zirconia interfaces that can break or fracture when you put a load on them.
  • We provide big savings for both screw retained crowns and custom abutments. You decide what’s best for your patient. We will get you the best deal on either one.

Take control of your bottom line. PRO-Craft is ready to serve you with 40 years of client service experience .
Call and ask for me, Greg the owner, for all your case planning needs.

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