Don’t Be a Squirrel

April 30, 2017

Nicole Donnelly | Blog Author at Pro-Craft

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Nicole Donnelly

Don’t Be a Squirrel

Apr 30, 2017

They say the road is full of squirrels that couldn’t make a decision. In my area it’s rabbits. Pick your rodent it’s the same point. Being indecisive tends to get one flattened.

The rules in the dental marketplace are changing right before our ideas. If you’re a specialist the days of a net-work of generalists sending you the cream is rapidly going the way of the amalgamator. Corporate dentistry is growing rapidly and turning the general dentist into a commodity. But for those of you who are willing to fight the tide there is good news. And it’s something the Big Boys and Girls in large group practices and corporate dentistry leverage to the hilt. He or She who can Market will rule. Translation: Whoever can acquire the patients will employ all the rest of us.

But there is a BIG problem. The doctors and dental managers that actually know how to market are too busy to tell you all their secrets. Leaving dental marketing in the hands of people who have never actually run a large, successful dental office. (and yes there are some exceptions to this). So once again, we’re back to some of my earlier blogs on marketing where I point out that to really prosper and be your own boss you must become as good in marketing as you are with a drill. Or better.

PRO-Craft is very serious about helping you do just that so Greg has arranged for me to deliver my “Understanding Marketing” course via a monthly webinar. This is NOT the typical “join in on the phone line with 75 other doctors or office managers” where you listen to a speaker. No, this is a very limited face-time power group where you will actually create your marketing program with my direct assistance. There is only one pre-requisite, and that is that you are dead serious about expanding your practice. For real. Call or email Scott for details if you want to be a part of this. ( Whatever you do, make a decision to take real action for 2017.

As always, wishing you prosperity,
Dr. Dave Cutts


Dr. Cutts is one of a handful of dentists with extensive training and experience in complete mouth reconstruction which combines highly advanced cosmetic, denture, and surgical/implant skills. Dr. Cutts has performed over 6000 anesthesia and sedation cases over the past 30 years with a perfect record. He is widely regarded as the leader in this field and has a three million dollar practice in Temecula California.



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